Globe Postpaid Promo Tawag236

January 3, 2011

Globe Postpaid Promo Tawag236

Globe Postpaid Promo Tawag236 frequently asked questions.

1. What is Globe’s Tawag236?

Tawag236 is a popular Globe service that lets you talk to your friends and family longer by giving you a special rate of PhP20 for a 20-minute call.

2. How do I avail of Tawag236?

Simply replace the 0 at the start of the number you are calling with 236 (For example: for 09171234567, dial 2369171234567), press call, and wait for the person you are calling to answer.

3. Do I need to register to avail of Tawag236?

We want to make it easier for you to avail so there is no need to register regardless if you are a prepaid or postpaid subscriber.

4. Is this a promo or a permanent offer?

Promo extended until October 31, 2010. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 6710. Series of 2010.

5. Does the promo offer apply to both peak and off-peak hours?

This promo is available anytime of the day provided you use the correct dialing sequence (236+10 digit mobile number) when making a call to a Globe or TM subscriber.

6. Is this promo available for Globe Prepaid and Globe Postpaid subscriber?

Yes, this promo is available to Globe Prepaid and Globe Postpaid subscribers.

7. Can I use this promo to call my TM contacts (for Globe subscribers)?

Yes. Tawag236 is applicable to calls that are Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM.

8. Will I enjoy the special promo offer when I call other cellular networks (i.e. SMART, SUN)?

The promo offer is available for Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM calls only. Calls to other cellular networks will be charged regular inter-network rates. P7.50/min will be charged for GHP Prepaid and corresponding plan’s inter-network rates for GHP Postpaid. P6.50/min will be charged for TM accounts.

9. Can I avail of the promo when I am on international roaming?

The promo is only applicable to calls made within the country and does not apply when you are using the international roaming service.

10. If my call is under 20 minutes, can I use the balance for another call?

Tawag236 is charged per call. Therefore the charging only applies to that call and cannot be used for other calls.

11. What if I accidentally terminated the call before my 20 minutes, can I redial the same number and get the balance minutes from Tawag236?

Tawag236 is charged per call. Therefore the charging only applies to that call and cannot be used for other calls even to the same number. The new call will have a new charge.


1. Can I avail of this service even if I still have free minutes? What will happen to my free minutes if I avail of this service?

Yes, you can avail of this service even if you still have free minutes. The 20 minutes will be on top of your free minutes.

2. My plan is consumable. Is the PhP20 rate part of my consumable plan or charged on top?

The PhP20 rate will be charged on top of your monthly fee.

3. What will be the rate if my call goes over 20 minutes?

Call will not be cut after 20 minutes and you will be charged your regular postpaid plan rates after the 1st 20 minutes have been consumed.

4. How much will I be charged if my call is under 20 minutes?

You will be charged the full PhP20 even if the call is under 20 minutes.

5. Is there a maximum number of times I can avail of Tawag236?

No, you can avail of Tawag236 as often as you want as long as you are within your account limit.

6. Should I avail of the promo offer, how will this reflect in my billing statement?

The availment of Tawag236 will appear as a separate bill liner in your monthly billing statement.

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