GLOBE Postpaid Promo Free Mobile Phone Nokia 1680 for Plan 299

January 3, 2011

GLOBE Postpaid Promo Free Mobile Phone Nokia 1680 for Plan 299

Globe Postpaid Promo now includes this Free Mobile Phone Nokia 1680 under Globe Postpaid Promo My Fully Loaded Plan 299.

Under this Globe Postpaid Promo Plan 299. You will be given an all-consumable load amount wherein you would be made to pay a minimum of P299.00 monthly. Globe Telecommunications, Inc. would then send you a monthly bill for this minimum amount.

If you go beyond the P299.00 all consumable load amount covered under this Globe Postpaid Promo Plan, then you would also be made to pay P6.50 for all your calls to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers and P7.50 for all calls to SMART, Talk ‘N Text, Sun Cellular, Red, etc. other networks.

However, you may also want to avail of other Globe Postpaid Promo Freebies such as found below:

  1. Free Calls & Text Messages to Globe / Touch Mobile subscribers – free 10 minutes calls and 200 free text messages.
  2. Free Calls & Text Messages to OTHER NETWORKS – free 5 minutes calls and 25 free text messages
  3. Free INTERNATIONAL calls and Text messages – Free International Calls to 10 destinations 20 minutes IDD and free 10 International Text Messages.
  4. Free Mobile Surfing – free mobile surfing for 3 hours. This is equivalent to 150KB for Blackberry users.
  5. Free SUPER ONE Unlimited Calls and Text Messages to ONE (1) GLOBE NUMBER. This may be perfect for that one business partner or family member or friend or even for your office or headquarter base which you need to be in constant communication with.
  6. Free SUPER SURF – free unlimited surfing for your mobile phone.

You can mix and match the same or different freebies depending on your plans and needs. You can also change freebies as often as monthly the way you want it depending on your needs. However, for Globe Postpaid Promo Plan 299, they may only choose from letters A-D. They may also choose letter E but they would be using P100 from their consumable load.

The 10 destinations referred to in Letter C under free international calls and free international text messaging are for the following countries: USA, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Handsets may be availed at a plan where it is not free for a minimum cash out. Featured handset unit subject to availability. See Globe’s “Great Deals” catalogue for more details.

You can visit any Globe Telecommunications, Inc. or Globe Telecom store to avail of this Globe Postpaid Promo or call their telephone number (02) 730-1000 for more information regarding this promo.

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