Globe Postpaid Promo 20 minutes Calls for only P20.00

January 3, 2011

Globe Postpaid Promo 20 minutes Calls for only P20.00

Globe Postpaid Promos now include Tawag236 which means you would only be made to pay P20.00 for a 20-minute long call instead of P6.50 per minute call.

However, this Globe Postpaid Promo is only limited to making calls to other Globe Postpaid or Prepaid subscribers and those Touch Mobile subscribers within the Philippines. Calls to other cellular networks will be charged regular inter-network rates. P7.50/min will be charged for GHP Prepaid and corresponding plan’s inter-network rates for GHP Postpaid. P6.50/min will be charged for TM accounts.

Steps to avail of this Globe Postpaid Promo:

Step 1: Go to your main phone screen where you dial numbers.

Step 2: Enter the phone number you want to dial and then replace the 0 at the start of the number you are calling with 236 (For example: for 09171234567, dial 2369171234567)

Step 3: Press call and wait for the person you are calling to answer.

There is no need to register regardless if you are a Globe postpaid subscriber.

Just remember that Tawag236 is charged per call. Therefore the charging only applies to that call and cannot be used for other calls.

Also, for this Globe Postpaid Promo all Globe post paid subscribers must remember that  the PhP20 rate will be charged on top of your monthly fee and you can avail of this service even if you still have free minutes. The 20 minutes will be on top of your free minutes.

Promo is extended until January 31, 2011. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 6712 Series of 2010.

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